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Since 1941 Lindoe has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards internationally and across Canada. Countries that have presented accolades include Belgim, Czechoslovakia, Switerland, Turkey and the United States. In 1978 the Canadian Guild of potters elected Lindoe to the Ceramic Masters of Canada. Between 1947 and 1980 Lindoe completed thirteen major architectural commissions, among them the Imperial Bank of Commerce, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Board and Saint Mary's Cathedral in Calgary and the Alberta Provincial Museum and Archives in Edmonton. "It seems to me that my art says all that needs to be said about my art. I think of it as being simple, direct response to my life, everything is familiar and recognizable. There are no obscure philosophical or psychological implications; I observe and I interpret. That's all there is to it." - Luke Lindoe, March, 1992



Untitled - 1999
oil on masonite, 24 in x 36 in
[cat # 615 opsi, Remembering Okanagan]

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